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Four angles analysis of spring and summer women's dress skirt fabric trend

  • Author:Susan
  • Source:Desny Jewelry
  • Release on :2017-06-18
Four angles analysis of spring and summer women's dress skirt fabric trend

With the psychedelic movement wind blowing the more intense and the summer atmosphere is getting stronger, sexy yet cool sports wind dress to become the streets of the new main single product. The streets of the fun of language printing and stretch knit skirts on behalf of the young trendy attitude, which is uneasy in the status quo of thinking, exquisite lines to create a sub-psychedelic senses, temperament yarn skirt and sports wind blend of psychedelic movement The wind became the headlines, in the youth of the fashion street highlights the sexy new light luxury taste.

Interesting language

Street sports wind in recent years, the fashion circle is a never backward trend of the direction of the street-style sports letters and graffiti-style wall painting, fun, movement and psychedelic Funny, fusion in the light and elegant knitted fabric dress , Highlighting the young and new fashion vitality, is the street shoot up people put it down the first product.

Psychedelic knitting

Stretch plain and staircase, pit fabric in the new season with more accurate count to weave, with sexy and reckless sports wide shoulder strap dress skirt for the whole summer to create a avant-garde self-confidence sports style, light sport And elegant sense of full, reflecting the young people now radical, vibrant life, become hot and out of the dotted beauty of fashion tide goods.

Rhythm mark

Fresh and elegant tone of the stripes, the use of stitching and disorderly design, creating a new psychedelic new grid pattern, printed on the weaving scissors scissors, even more light magic sports atmosphere, with V-neck Dress skirt style, light luxury and fresh and refined.

Sports silk

Fine silk and fine pleated fabric, for the dress to provide just the right new light luxury decorative effect, exquisite gold and silver chiffon blended design for the dress to join the psychedelic movement temperament, sports elements, style and elegant silk fabric fusion, more Luxury temperament of the silk fabric into the fashion trend of fashion.