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3 minutes to let you know 2018 early spring vacation series trend!

  • Author:Susan
  • Source:Shenzhen Desny Jewelry
  • Release on :2017-07-05
3 minutes to let you know 2018 early spring vacation series trend!
The vacation series is a series of clothing that is suitable for any season - because in this season's designer's work you find a comfortable and warm fur coat while discovering a cool bikini single product! In the newly released brand 2018 Early spring vacation series, we see a lot of active in the first few quarters of a single product in the luminous fever, did not have the trend of popular cold. Today we come to a small sum up to see 2018 early spring vacation series how much attention to the place!
Bell Bottoms
Slim pants-type boom finally to temporarily fade it? If you ask us to go to the holiday series to start a single product, then the bell pants is definitely the first choice!

Different colors of the collision combination, is absolutely bold move. But also will be a variety of colors into your wardrobe the easiest way! Do not just wear black and white, it is time to a little colorful color!

In addition to the word popular, this low-cut design will be the next season's largest popular, not too much nudity, sexy and there is a trace of calm!

Frayed Denim
In addition to jeans, such as skirts, jackets and other single product can also have a similar damage to the edge processing, excellent degree of fashion.

Use the same color, do the depth of the superposition, it is a great way to wear through.

Citrus Colors
Many girls like orange or yellow, this season the popularity of these two colors with the previous hot pink go hand in hand.

This classic treatment, whether in small or overall shape, are added to the dress a lot of feminine.

Statement Socks
Designers are very confident, because you must like these strange shapes or color is very bright socks, or even to show them, you have to choose to wear a pair of suitable sandals!

Racing Stripes
Vertical striped pants can definitely be modified leg type, regardless of fat and thin wear are nice!

Tropical Prints
Speaking of holiday series, how can the enthusiasm of the overflowing floral patterns, filled with tropical printing is definitely a holiday series in the hottest design, you must not miss!

Vertical Stripes
Vertical bar was thin, this must be the truth! Follow the popular striped pants, up and down the suit style stripes single product, to help you create a neat strong woman shape!