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2018 Holiday Key Material & Details: Women's Shoes & Accessories

2018 Holiday Key Material & Details: Women's Shoes & Accessories

1:This quarter brought a series of innovative materials and details of the use of a single product. Designers began to push the winter material to the warm season, a new interpretation of the trend of the previous quarter.
2:"New Navigator" theme brings a wide variety of global elements, the use of innovative materials and details.
3:"Garden party" theme, pearls and ribbons used in soft accessories.
4:Hardware hardware is still an important element, showing full layout or sculpture form, for a single product to bring high-end texture.
5:Color is very important, the designer will hit the color as an important design trend.

Charm suede - material
Changes in the season to promote the light of the wild suede instead of leather, the designer with the same color design, the pink color and daylight color fusion, add new ideas for the product.

Liquid gloss - material
High gloss material is still popular during the holiday season and is suitable for use as a transition material for spring and winter. Patent leather, PVC and coated plastic for footwear and accessories to bring the fashionable surface.

Checkerboard - Material
In recent years the popular fine cut the subject into the footwear and accessories. The traditional checkerboard and checkered are shown in the form of a herringbone, lattice tweed and tweeds, and some use bright colors such as greenish yellow and pink to bring modern surfaces.

Global wind fabric - material
Traditional fabrics from all over the world run through this season to create a strong holiday style. Bag patterns show cross-cultural style, shoes and accessories using embroidery and patterns to create a unique product.

Wire - Material
This season, "New Navigator" theme brings a wealth of natural materials, is the perfect choice for holiday season. Rope and natural cord braid in shoes and accessories, or full piece layout, or partial embellishment. Fire red, orange and black are suitable for contrasting colors.

Ribbon - Design details
Ribbon is the new trend of the season, the designer in many categories in the use of velvet and silk. Ribbon used in the sandals to bring sweet romantic atmosphere. Aalto and Dondup will be ribbon into the modern jewelry profile, highlight the youthful vitality.

Hardware accessories - design details
Personalized hardware accessories are still important details, designers prefer full layout of the circular profile shape to create high-end, such as Valentino and JiOh design. A single hardware accessories used in the handle or placket to create a simple low-key sense. Safety pins, buttons and trims are also included, suitable for the teen market.

Pearl luster - design details
Grotesque and ladies pearls for a series of footwear and accessories to bring charm modeling, to meet the season's "Garden City" theme. This season, the designer will be pearls for soft accessories, belts, hats and scarves decorated with rows of large pearls.

Hit color - design details
This season's hit color design used in shoes and accessories, designers prefer to use high contrast to create a bright color of the holiday season sports style. This effect can also be used in other single products, making it a business trend.

Sculpture structure - design details
Designers will sculpture profile as a detail, the interpretation of modern art style, highlight the theme of this season's split. This detail is particularly suitable for accessories, you can create a custom personalized single product. The same applies to this style of leather, designers create innovative shapes and details for the holiday to bring the other style.