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2017 autumn and winter 24 major trends trend finishing

  • Author:Susan
  • Source:Desny Jewelry
  • Release on :2017-06-23
From New York, London, Milan to Paris, look at the trend this season, real wear and comfort is still the new generation of the most important design focus. From the daily life of the inspiration everywhere, full of feather jacket will be a popular focus, full of confidence in the posture, black is to protect the color, as Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli said, when I wear black, On behalf of me is thinking, do not want to be disturbed.

But do not forget the original intention of fashion, fun, color and charm, happy elements are also filled with the season design.

High cold silver
What is the use of innovative plush jacket? Silver is the best answer this season. Silver is not only played on the feather jacket, trousers, cloak, and even skirt, are excellent performance.

Nomadic people
Stitching, repeated arrangement, sewing made of all kinds of folk coat. When the fashion from the nomadic people to find inspiration, is the most Bohemian performance. Patchwork, random prints, material and light shining, resulting in unexpected harmony.

Variant gorgeous ostrich hair
The feathers have a new concept. Ostrich hair has produced more rhythm and shock. Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Sonia Rykiel redefine the meaning of rhythm with white ostrich hair

Retro cowboy suit
1984 BrookeShields classic appearance. Tannin material is not the streets for a long time, from the daily life of the uninhibited elegance, is the cowboy suit to convey the design concept.

Plastic advanced
Generally considered too cheap plastic, this season is more arrogant in the stand. Like the re-engraved style of Helmut Lang in the 1990s, plastic through the underlying material, showing an unexpected high-level effect.

Severe knitting
Nordic style strong knitting single product, with a more comfortable wide version of the appearance. Irregular cut, or extremely exquisite workmanship blouse, are the new trend of knitting this season.

Jie Ao do not tame fur.
Fur is not just a symbol of jewels, uninhibited colors, different fur material splicing, showing another kind of rich taste of domineering. Another fur trend is more wild, like the original wild style, the essence of the pearl will be completely left behind.

Rigorous extravagance work girl
How to get rid of vulgar office suites this season? Put on the gray right. Secretary, female entrepreneur, the real old-fashioned appearance to the impeccable, only feet full of color shoes, can reveal their true character.

polka dot
Polka dots quietly return! This heavyweight retro element, this is still the perfect harmony of black and white, you can also add to the flowers in the above add interest.

Domineering blanket
Cold to need to bring out the blanket, which is the most self-confident sister style.
The legend of the universe

The legend of the universe
From the universe of sound, flying saucer, astronauts, stars ... ... fashion this time to the interstellar, so that their indulge in the mysterious field of unknown.

Unfinished the most beautiful
As oscar Wilde said, you need a little imperfect, to perfect the achievement. Do not close the edge of the design so that clothing is more contradictory beauty

Cool down jacket
Needless to say, this will be a continuation of the tundling of a single product.

Hacking task
Black, leather, polished, is the best adjective of this style. A dangerous but very sexy high-cold style.

Romantic Turquoise
Turquoise turquoise color, never so elegant, this season has become an indispensable new color for women wardrobe.

Domineering square shoulder
The new silhouette style, the shoulder squared domineering like a man, between the coat and the jacket.

Printing scarf dress
When the flowers, scarves or amoeba pattern become a hippie attitude of the standard Huai style, printed scarves no reason to absence.

Leopard continued wild
Can be wild again, because the leopard will not return to the popular. Let yourself become a daytime hunter, night night tame.

High cold checkered
90 years is the culmination of the spirit of the grid. The new generation needs the calm after the passion

Winter sportswear
Winter can not move. Ski jackets, rainbow loose pants, retro cocoon jackets, are the best companions for winter sports

Metallic luster
Shiny, metal, gold and silver shining bright modern energy, elegantly brush over, illuminate the stand.

Warm beige
This is the most lovely material, like the sand of the warm camel, in the shearing material to show the natural pure. Energetic lines combine urban and sporty style

Punk pink
For some designers, pink is punk. Tassel dress to make pink become looming new sexy

Black and blue
The original irreconcilable black and blue, this season has become a clever fashion complex.