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2017 New York Governors Ball Festival: Women's Shoes & Accessories

  • Author:Susan
  • Source:Shenzhen Desny Jewelry
  • Release on :2017-07-01
2017 New York Governors Ball Festival: Women's Shoes & Accessories

Western Sling - Theme
Western theme is the mainstream concept of the festival, but this time in detail form, mainly used for decorative blouses and bags. It is worth noting that the use of neutral colors and the exotic fans of the mini bag.

Necklace comparable to the new corolla, of course, want to create fashion modeling, a simple 90-year style collar is far enough: the festival participants through the pattern layer to ride the way to show the mix of different elements, the necklace charm interpretation The most vividly. Pendant necklace is the focus that brings the hippie style. The necklace has been seen everywhere at the Coachella Festival in April, and this trend will continue in the second half of 2017.

Square Scarf - Scarf & Neck Dress.
Scarf on the neck or as a scarf, the attention will be moved to the face and chest. The color is mainly simple black, white and red, and Coachella music festival on the sharp square sharp contrast. It is noteworthy that the details of the trim, such as perforations and jewelry, the former bring the rock and roll, which brings the Bohemian style.

Umbrella modeling and high waist jeans is the focus of the festival, belt as a matter of course, essential. From the luxurious Gucci belt, the Bohemian wind brown belt, with a staple belt and a belt with a ring belt to the popular Western-style double belt, this rich profile of the accessories will pay attention to the charming waist line.

Pockets - bags
The favorite pockets are varied and exaggerated at the festival. Attention to patterns, metal materials and 80 years of interpretation of the style.
Mini backpack - bag
Coachella Music Festival on the pockets (or Fanny Pack) still dominate the festive style. The music festival, the bag appears around the waist or hanging in the chest shape. Black is the main color, pocket and zipper rich sense of design, but also both functional.

Oblique bag - bag
Simple profile of the rectangular zipper bag is a common bag on the festival. The difference lies in the color, hardware accessories and brand. Note the details of the width of the strap and the soft surface.

Drawstring bags - bags.
The campus bag comes to the music festival, canvas, brand, printing and novelty colors bring a unique style. Nylon and high-tech materials instead of cotton fabric and leather material.

Fishing net - fabric
Fishing net socks and tight-fitting fishing socks can enhance the turquoise wind and skateboard winds. Tight-fitting fishing socks can be used with knitted skirts, denim shorts or trousers to bring a sense of trend, with sports shoes are rich personality taste.

Lace boots - footwear
Grunge wind is still the favorite of the festival, lace boots is to create this style of an important single product, very suitable for this vagaries of the weather. Note shoes buckle, color, heel and shoelaces, these elements after the integration of the formation of the classic Martin boots.

White sneakers - footwear
Huber home, Converse and Nike and other well-known brands of classic small white shoes to replace the summer sandals. White shoes on the embroidery and decoration is very out of color, sports socks is also a bright spot for the shape to bring fun.

Color sunglasses - glasses
Color sunglasses is essential for creating fancy eye-catching festivals. From yellow, orange to red, style all kinds of sunglasses for full of feminine dress to the city and other shapes such as T-shirt to add vitality and retro taste.

Round glasses - glasses
Round and oval sunglasses are popular in the festival, in the lens color and hardware accessories are very different. Bronze, pure gold and matte black most noticeable.

Metal silver - color
From silver and rainbow color pockets to sports shoes on the trademark, clothing on the metal color continued to accessories and shoes. Pay attention to the use of more neutral colors, to create sooner or later, all kinds of occasions are suitable for modeling.

Cute powder - color
Pink in the Governors Ball music festival report stand out, but also sunglasses, backpacks, socks and sneakers to enhance the bright color. Simple pastel color evolved into a more comprehensive color, including light, saturated powder and neon powder and other colors.

Eye-catching bright and neon color - color
This year's festival confirms the return of neon colors is evidence to follow. Retro red and purple bag full of vitality, to meet the 80's retro fashion mainstream, the same accessories on the use of these eye-catching bright colors.