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2017 Las Vegas JCK & Couture Jewelery Show

  • Author:Susan
  • Source:Shenzhen Desny Jewelry
  • Release on :2017-07-03
2017 Las Vegas JCK & Couture Jewelery Show
(For you to analyze the highlights and key trends of the Las Vegas High Jewelery Show)
JCK and Couture jewelry show held in Las Vegas at the same time, they are the United States jewelry market's leading global exhibition.
JCK Jewelery Show is held at the Mandalay Bay Resort, bringing together more than 2,300 exhibitors from around the world, bringing jewelry at different prices, as well as watches, raw materials and equipment. Wynn's Couture exhibition is only attended by 234 exhibitors. Despite the small size, but the exhibits are very diverse, a collection of well-known high-end jewelry and watch brands, but also for the rookie to provide a platform for the show.

JCK and Couture show opportunities for brands and buyers to communicate. They are the cornerstone of the jewelry industry, the latest design and creativity from here to the market.

2017, marriage and classic jewelry is still strong performance, have opened a special exhibition area. Innovation and experimental material is the most important, the two exhibition brands have brought a breakthrough results.
Fun color: 2017 jewelry show on the rise of natural mixed colors, iris gradient effect and color inlaid gemstones will be advanced jewelry to young consumers.

Assembly design: combo single product to meet the needs of high-end and fashion jewelry market, day and night Safe.

Smooth: dynamic and smooth form of the general trend. Chain tassels are key components, drape gems are full of new ideas.

Focus on single product: earrings is still the focus of 2017. The ring earrings continue to be popular and are refurbished this year. Low-key lengthened earrings are exceptionally elegant.

Color: This season focuses on the use of color. Saturated gemstones and semi-precious stones are mixed, highlighting the modern atmosphere. Graphic sense of the diamond more eye-catching.

Design details: geometric cut into decorative details, full of futuristic. Long diamonds are no longer just as embellishment, but become a bright spot. The love of nature inspired the leaves and feather elements, showing a realistic or abstract style.

Fun color - theme

And "2018 spring and summer jewelry trend forecast - dancing youth" consistent with the natural mix of colors appear in this year's JCK and Couture jewelry show. Gradient rainbow color and color inlaid gem is the focus, so that luxury as candy-like full of fun. With a classic or more modern style, this new application of precious stones will undoubtedly advanced jewelry to the young market.

Assembly Design - Theme

Combo single product continues to swept, inspired the day and night of the jewelry design. The removable trim is a key part of the long earring, while the stacking ring is favored by the bride. The length of the collar and lug necklace can be adjusted, more wild, attractive to young people and more mature consumers.

Smooth - theme
Dynamic, smooth form to continue in the fashion and advanced jewelry market popular. Chain tassels are the elements of the necklace and earrings, so that the gem is gracefully hanging, or as a decorative detail of the cascade. Non-mosaic of small stones like pendants hanging in general, for this theme in the ring to give creative, eye-catching effect.

Ring earrings - key single product
Earrings are still the focus of the jewelry category, try different shapes, proportions and decorative details to enhance the core of the earrings. In order to highlight the fluency, the ring is twisted or broken, changing its rounded shape. Add irregularly cut gemstones and pavé-shaped slender gemstones to create illustrious modern shapes for fashion and fine jewelery markets.

Lace necklace - key single product
The layer design is welcome in the necklace, and the nesting necklace is an upgraded version of the hot collar. Adjustable length so that the necklace is no longer low-key, publicity personality, adding letters and pendants more alternative. Lapel necklace is a fashion jewelry, will be the summer and music festival shape color.

Add long earrings - focus on a single product
Simple ring earrings heat is not reduced, the same day and night to increase the earrings are more elegant. Exquisite design with a variety of decorative, the use of sparse series of pearls, small stones and streamlined long stitch, to create a single or a set of earrings.

Large earrings - key single product
As the core of a single product, large earrings in the JCK and Couture jewelry exhibition on a variety of styles. Perfect round is still very important, other shapes are brought new ideas. Brands are focused on the integration of decorative details and minimal structure, Baroque pearls, diamonds and dyed gems have been applied to meet the high-end and fashion jewelry market.

Pink - color
The commercial attraction of the Millennium Powder has been proven at the JCK and Couture jewelery shows. The brands choose pink precious stones (such as pink corundum, pink diamond and pink tourmaline) and sub-gem (such as powder and powder agate), or soft and elegant or bright and vibrant. Geometric construction and elongated cutting with soft colors, neat and stylish.

Ruby - colorful
Ruby has long been a valuable material for high-end jewelery, and is more modern in the 2017 JCK and Couture exhibitions. The use of cutting to create a sense of graphics, mosaic way ingenuity, so that rubies show more modern side.

Amethyst - Color
2017 The semi-transparent amethyst at the show is modern and elegant. Irregular geometric cutting and gradient effects highlight the glory of this gem change. Inlaid in gold, silver or black silver base, the formation of interesting contrast. And rubies, like the novel cutting and collocation to make this classic gem is more modern, to meet the fashion and advanced jewelry market.

Opal & Moonstone - Material
Continuation of the trend of 2016 JCK and Couture show, Opal and Moonstone in this year runs through the senior and fashion jewelery category. Natural state is the key, the brand respected the natural pattern and fire color. With a simple, classic ring pavé with these two materials, more attractive than the popular semi-precious stones.

Black and white diamonds - material
Brands choose black and white diamonds, to create eye-catching graphic sense of effect, and JCK and Couture jewelery show shining light contrast. The hot diamonds improved more avant-garde, contrast effect to make it fresh, inlaid in silver or platinum base, bring out these modern black and white stones.

Baroque pearl - material
With the jewelry market demand for environmental protection and natural materials rise, the Baroque pearl became the key material on the 2017 major jewelry show. Imperfect surface showing the original charm, and exquisite hand design complement each other. Color showing a natural white or soft pink color, all with iridescent effect.

Geometric cutting - design details
Irregular geometric cutting as an avant-garde design, for the high-level jewelry to give creative and future sense. A variety of selected gemstones and hit the color effect highlights the geometric structure, ring pavé diamond interpretation of the traditional style, but still retain the neat lines. Break through the conventional design to bring a unique single product.

Stretch gem - design details
Stretched gemstones are usually embellished and are now a bright spot for a variety of single items. Long diamonds are embedded in a classic or modern base in minimal or geometric form. Will be simple gemstones stacked on the ring, or in the pendulum on the arrangement, the formation of a dramatic outer ring effect. These wild gems are the focus of the 2017 show.

Feathers - design details
Naturalism is popular, feathers become the key pattern of 2017. Feathers are best used as pendants for earrings and necklaces. Fine metal processing shows the beauty of the feathers, the texture of the surface and realistic style of natural flavor, gem decoration is even more luxurious.

Leaves - design details
Natural trends are not diminishing, close to the needs of nature with commercial potential. The pursuit of natural beauty does not mean to reduce the use of natural materials, the use of long stones, complex details and manual processing to create a high texture of the surface. To pay tribute to the natural also meet the pursuit of a unique single product.