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2017 Barcelona Primavera Sound Festival: Women's Accessories

  • Author:Susan
  • Source:Shenzhen Desny Jewelry
  • Release on :2017-06-29

2017 Barcelona Primavera Sound Festival: Women's Accessories

Kurt Cobain Oval Sunglasses - Glasses
90 years of popular winds, music festivals choose to Nirvana band singer for the inspiration of sunglasses. Kurt Cobain iconic alien glasses have been popular in the Coachella music festival, for the shape into the rock atmosphere, favored by young men and women. The bright colors bring new ideas.

Gucci effect - glasses
From the ubiquitous logo T-shirt, trendy cat heels to individuality sunglasses, Primavera's audience is not happy with Alessandro Michele's gorgeous design. Highly sought after Gucci sunglasses main diamond and pearls, eye-catching acetate fiber frame showing a gradual change in the metal flash.

Fun Sunglasses - Glasses
Primavera music festival girls wearing sunglasses, by Victoria Beckham, Anastacia and Paris Hilton 2000 or so the impact of the star of the fire. Oval frame or a wider unilateral frame with smoked color or other light, people shines.

A corner cat eye sunglasses - glasses
Angular shape is the focus of the cat eye sunglasses update design, in the retail market and the streets frequently appear, won the commercial success. Half-frame design draws on retro elements, white and opaque thick frame reminiscent of the picture in the movie.

Stained lenses - glasses
Gucci and other brands and Slick Woods, Bella Hadid and other celebrities and models re-interpretation of dyeing glasses. This kind of lens men and women, 70 years style for a variety of styles, including pilots and more avant-garde sunglasses.

Fetish Collars - Jewelry
The collar is the new favorite on the festival. Primavera girls are more daring than girls on the SXSW and Coachella music festivals. Transparent PU or leather straps with thick metal parts, such as rings, trims or more fun.

Diamond collar - jewelry
Collar circle prevails, diamond design more gorgeous. Jewelry and accessories with the very important, polished silver jewelry or trimmed sunglasses highlighted collar. It is also 17/18 autumn and winter conference focus on a single product.

As seen at the press conference, the exquisite pendant necklace is presented in three layers, and the individual pendants add charm to the mix and match. This is an indispensable product in the commercial market.

Pockets - bags
The pockets are the essential items of the festival and are worn in different ways. The twentieth century Gucci interwoven letters, metallic and sequined design in the millennials are welcome. Usually on the shoulders, rather than traditionally worn on the waist.

Classic scarves - scarves
Square or rectangular college wind scarf in this season has become more modern. Geometric printing, flowers and stripes to make this decorative single product show different beauty and style.

Retro Baseball Cap - Hat
Curved hat of the retro baseball cap in the spoken language called "father hat", because it is often reminiscent of the old man and college style, continued the trend of simple leisure. The new slogan highlights the nostalgic style, usually appear in the high-end fashion brand or skateboard, music around and other niche culture.

Heavy boots - shoes
Lace leather boots for the festival to add a classic rock style. Thick or slope with white lace or thick belt and other details to make boots look more modern. The girls who took Primavera had heavy boots with mesh socks or socks.