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17/18 autumn and winter women's accessories emerging trend - luxury ladies style

  • Author:Susan
  • Source:Shenzhen Desny Jewelry
  • Release on :2017-06-27
17/18 autumn and winter women's accessories emerging trend - luxury ladies wind

40 years and 50 years ladies wind swept T station, more mature in the winter.
The theme of the classic under the classic and no lack of modernity, together with the modern ratio, color and surface treatment interpretation of a different kind of taste, in the season when the popular

T stage show
Elegant and elegant accessories, filling ladies temperament. Designers refurbished their handbags, earrings and small hand wallet and other classic profile, and the use of exotic leather, jewelry and gold and other luxury materials to create these single product. The focus of jewelry is elegant and elegant, brooch and pearl heavy return, interpretation of the delicate taste

Fashion large rich classic charm, black and white photo style will be refined interpretation of the most incisive. With the gradual penetration of this trend, the designer will be in the fashion blockbuster with colorful stones and oversized jewelry to enhance the modern sense.

Street style
Different styles of accessories appear in the streets, such as the dignified three-piece (with hat and driver gloves) and classic and yet modern personality accessories and handbags and so on. For the younger market, the streets of the influx of people will be sealed in the knitted sweater, the shape of the youth to add a sense of youthfulness.

Material & details
Exquisite luxury: artificial fur, leather, rare leather and soft suede for soft accessories to bring a sense of luxury and exquisite sense. Jewelry accessories eye-catching, precious stones, cluster ornaments make accessories more gorgeous eye-catching. These materials after the fusion to create a very beautiful personality accessories.

Research & reference
Christian Dior's New Look reflects the frugal frugality and material tightening, the 40's and 50's elements began to return to high-end, jewelry, hats, bags and soft accessories so that women dazzling, pearl collar and plush fur shawl Exquisite gorgeous.